myer.jpgMyers Mortuary traces its history back to 1921 when the Deseret Mortuary Corporation started a mortuary in Ogden, Utah at 533 26th Street. They operated at this location until 1938 when the mortuary corporation was purchased by Herbert Smith. Because of poor health he sold the mortuary corporation to Elmer Myers, Orson Foulger, and Walter Turner in 1942. The mortuary was first named the Turner-Myers-Foulger Mortuary and later became the Myers and Foulger Mortuary until 1957 when the Myers family purchased the interest of the Foulger family and it became Myers Mortuary. The principal owners of Myers Mortuary were Elmer and Richard Myers. 

In 1960, the Myers family built a new a building located at 845 Washington Boulevard. This building remains the corporate headquarters for the business. Since that time, Myers Mortuary has expanded their business to include three other funeral homes in Roy, Layton, and Brigham City, Utah. In 1963, Myers Mortuary built their second location in Roy at 5865 South 1900 West. It was the first mortuary to be built in that area and has operated successfully. In 2004, the mortuary was renovated and expanded to over two times its original size. 

In 1981, the Myers family purchased the Olsen Funeral home in Brigham City from Blaine Olsen. This mortuary has continued to grow through the years. A major remodeling project was completed in 1988 when the building was completely redecorated and re-configured. In 2003, Myers Mortuary was honored as the Box Elder County “Business of the Year.” 

In 1986, the Myers Mortuary of Layton was constructed at 250 North Fairfield Road. It has continued to operate successfully through the years as well. 

myer2.jpgOver the years, four generations of the Myers family have been active in funeral service; Elmer H. Myers, as the founder, Richard Myers as the second generation, Gregory and Shaun Myers as the third generation and Marcus and Matthew Myers as the fourth generation. Richard, Greg and Shaun Myers were honored as the first recipients in Utah of the prestigious Academy of Professional Funeral Service Award and carry the designation of C.F.S.P. behind their names. 

The Myers Mortuary in Ogden is one of the few mortuaries in America to have received the prestigious “Pursuit of Excellence” award every year since the award was established in 1981. 

All of the other Myers Mortuaries have received the same award every year since their establishment. The Pursuit of Excellence Award is given annually by the National Funeral Directors Association recognizing a mortuary’s outstanding community service, technical ability, and professional integrity. This year Myers Mortuary of Ogden received the “Golden Eagle” Pursuit of Excellence Award statue, the National Funeral Directors Association’s highest award. 

Myers Mortuary was also honored in 1990 by U.S. President George H.W. Bush as a recipient of the We Care Award for excellence in community and professional service. At that time only one other mortuary in the country had been presented this award. Myers Mortuary is one of only three businesses in Utah to receive this prestigious award. 

All of the Myers Mortuary locations strive to serve our community with excellence and integrity. 

We appreciate all of the families who have placed their trust in us over the years. We are here to serve your family in your time of need.