personalization1.jpgEach person has many interests and facets in life that can contribute to the personal touches of a funeral or memorial service. When you add personal touches to a visitation or service, you help those in attendance know the person better and celebrate their uniqueness. Favorite music, treasured photos, and special mementos can be incorporated into a service. Academic, professional, and personal affiliations can be represented on and around the casket. A vault can be engraved and adorned with military symbols. An urn may be personalized by engraving or by representing an interest or affiliation. Hobbies can be incorporated into a flower arrangement or displayed on a memory table. Accomplishments and awards can be displayed during the service and recognized in an online obituary. A favorite verse or poem can be read during the service or printed in the service program. Photographs and music can be gathered to create a videotape presentation to show during the visitation or service. We can assist with all of your personalization needs and ideas. Below are some examples.

personalization2.jpgRemembering a loved one after the service is also important. Contributions to a favorite charity, planting a tree, or dedicating a fountain in a private or public space help a loved one's memory live on. A piece of jewelry can keep a memory close to one's heart. A flag case stands in memory of heroic acts, commemorating dedication and service. We offer ideas and keepsakes to memorialize a loved one and can assist you in realizing them.

Our funeral directors are committed to helping you create a special and fitting tribute to your loved one that will honor a life well-lived. We encourage you to share your ideas, customs and wishes with us.

Following are several ideas to personalize a service:

  • Special customs particular to different faiths, ethnic groups, and fraternal organizations may be incorporated into the visitation and service.
  • Favorite music selections may be played during the visitation and service. An organist is available as needed. In addition, we have an extensive library from which to select or you may bring in your own CDs or cassettes.
  • Live musicians (such as a bagpiper, harpist, or barbershop quartet) may perform during the visitation, service or graveside service.
  • Special readings (favorite verse or poem, inspiration prayer or story) may be read during a prayer service or the funeral service.

Prayer Cards and Program Folders
A long standing tradition, prayer cards or program folders offer biographical information of the deceased with a prayer, reflection and/or artwork. There are numerous printing options, including photographs and various ethnic and religious styles and prayers.


Funeral or Memorial Service Program

personalization4.jpg          personalization5.jpg

Programs printed with the selected songs and readings are often handed out at a service. Favorite verses or poems, treasured photos, and important accomplishments may also be integrated to create a more intimate service program.



Flowers are a very traditional part of a funeral or memorial service. Casket sprays, standing sprays, wreaths, and arrangements are some of the flowers that may be part of the visitation or service. Flower and plant arrangements also offer limitless opportunities to recognize special relationships and to incorporate favorite colors, hobbies, and special interests. While many families use their own florist, the funeral director can assist you as needed with arrangement ideas and florist selection.



A Memory Book provides an opportunity for friends and family to record memories and reflections of their loved one during visitation. The collection of memories then becomes an endearing and enduring keepsake.


A Memory Board is arranged by the family with photographs and other highlights of a loved one's life. This may be displayed in the chapel during visitation.


A Memory Table is also arranged by the family with memorabilia, photographs and other highlights of a loved one's life. Items representing hobbies, trips, and other special events and interests may be presented. This is displayed in the chapel during visitation.


A Life Collage and Life DVD are other possibilities to tell the story of one's life. A funeral director can suggest some professionals to assist you in a timely manner. Equipment can be set up in the chapel to view a DVD during visitation.


A distinctive commemoration may also be incorporated into the visitation, service, or graveside service. For example, a Balloon Memorial or Dove Memorial provides balloons or doves to be released as a memory and celebration of your loved one's life.